Soups! How to make a homemade phô

Do you remember in your childhood when your parents, or any adult would have to ‘force’ you to eat soup?

That was my case. Until I grew up, and realised how nutritious and quick to eat soups are! The practicality of a soup, and when you’re in a hurry, there’s all the healthy nutriments you would need in a bowl, or mug.

In my case, I wasn’t a fan of soups until the end of high-school and the beginning of my student life, except for one maybe: Phô.

At Phô 24 (Viet Nam)

It’s a Vietnamese soup. The base is a broth that you let simmer for a long time. In it it’s best to put in the maximum of vegetables, spices and herbs you like to add to the flavour. From there, you add in whatever you like to eat: beef or pork (for example) – cut into thin pieces though, whichever noodles you prefer, etc.

To cook the meat and noodles, it could not be any easier! You simply put in the small pieces of meat in your boiling broth, and wait until it’s cooked. For the noodles, just lest them rest in boiled water for a couple of minutes before adding them for a minute or two in you broth before serving. Then all depends on how you like your noodles 😉

To serve, take your steamy full of flavours and tasty broth with your cooked meat (if you want the meat), noddles, and then add in come lime with a dab of fish sauce, mint and any herbs you enjoy along with freshly shopped shallot or onions. You can also add in fried onions, or/ chopped onion stalk, soy-bean stems, etc…

Now Dig in!

What I love about this kind of soup, is that it’s very light (meet cooked in water, no need of any oil or fat, …) full of different flavours and perfumes, and mostly you can just invent your own variations depending on your taste!

Not only that! But what is great about the different ways food is cooked in Eastern Asian cuisine, is that you end up eating less fat.

Here’s a couple good links I found on how to cut your ingredients Asian style and Vietnamese dishes:

How to cut your Ingredients

Vietnamese recipes

If you’re interested in Asian cuisine, in that case check out my Amalgam of Food page where you’ll get different links to sites I found ‘authentic’. Of course, the best is to back your bags and eat the food locally 🙂


5 thoughts on “Soups! How to make a homemade phô

    • Nathea says:

      Welcome, it’s my pleasure to!
      You should! Though it does take time to make the broth. But what you can do, is make a nice quantity of it and warm it up for whenever you want to make yourself one 🙂
      In Vietnam they eat it for breakfast 🙂

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