Têt Decoration – paper cutting

It was the Têt – or Vietnamese New Year – Friday! So many “Asian-y” posts may come up. Today, it’s with the decorations!

Red is the colour to go for! It brings good luck and drives away the Bad one. As it’s going to be the year of the horse, I went for a red horse.

horse 1

I started off sketching out the horse before going back on the outline. Then, I embellished the inside of the horse. I sketched those out and darkened them.

Now the cutting!

horse 2


– make sure that the horse (or whatever you want to cut out) is in contact on multiple places with the frame.

– don’t cut in one go. First cut most of the paper (especially if it’s a  big piece to cut out) and then go over those parts in detail.

– Sometimes it’s easier when it’s the paper which is the one you move and not the scissors when you’re cutting; in particular for rounded edges.

– Don’t try to cut the angles in one go! Do one side, then the other, it will fall off on its own 😉

– Try to take off as much access paper each time possible! But in the same time, keep in mind that those chunks of paper you later want to cut make it easier to hold your decoration.

Pocket for notebook

I recently got myself a new organizer (obvious, new year, new organizer) as much as I love it, there was something missing…..

pocket for notebook 1It’s when I opened an old notebook that I realized what it was that I needed: I pocket at the back of my organizer!

Materials needed:

paper – ruler – glue – scissors

I would advise you to use thick paper.

I then remembered a video I saw on how to make to your book:

I made a few modifications to have a “clean edge”:

  • I took a longer piece of paper. To then fold over the edge of  the flaps (the ones which are glued to the side of the pocket we and see)

  • I folded the main piece in such a way that you don’t see the glued side of the pocket.

  • I glued one of the flap on the back of the pocket (the one which is then glued to the book) which is then glued -touching- the book

pocket for notebook 2

You can then do a collage on your pocket. In my case,

I used a simple A4 paper with a width of 16 cm and folded at 12 and 24 cm.

Then I glued two origami paper i thought would go well with the colour of my organizer.

In the end, I also used clear tape to tape the folded areas inside the pocket (so that it wouldn’t stick to the objects in the pocket later on) and at the back of the pocket to hold the flaps in.

Would you add a pocket to your book? If you do, I’d love to see your version of one!

For more information on the paper

Paper grain direction